A downloadable game for Windows

You are a student at a School of Witchcraft.

It's Halloween night and you absolutely have to make a potion for an exam.

You have your list of ingredients but the ingredients are nowhere to be found.

Meet spooky characters and use the objects in the room to solve the puzzles.

Vous êtes étudiant dans une école de sorcellerie
C'est la nuit d'Halloween et il vous faut absolument préparer une potion pour un examen.
Vous avez votre liste d'ingrédients, mais les ingrédients sont introuvables.
Rencontrez des personnages effrayants et utilisez les objets de la pièce pour résoudre les énigmes.


La Potion Magique - Windows.zip 96 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and click on la potion magique.exe


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Hi! Thank you, I'm glad that you enjoy the game!

If I remember, you need to find five constellations :)

This game is delightful! The art is beautiful, most of the puzzles are bizarre, but not too difficult.

Unfortunately, I am stuck on just one ingredient: stardust. I have viewed, grabbed, and tried to speak to everything on both sides of the room. I have only three things left in my inventory: the broken crystal ball, flame (for the second time), and love philtre (for the second time), and I haven't managed to get any of those to work on anything. There are four constellations in the sky, and I cannot interact with them in any way. 

I can't tell if I'm missing something obvious, or if there's a bug. May I have a hint?